Monday, November 21, 2011

Apparently I love quesadillas...

This is my second recipe for a quesadilla. I think I've only done 5 recipes so far. Hmm.... I think that shows favoritism.

Typically when I find a recipe I like, I stick to it and never deviate.

That's what bad cooks do.

However, I wanted to share one of my favorites today, which has been changed quite a bit from the original. I found this recipe over at The Pioneer Woman's blog. If you haven't read her blog, I suggest you do so. Right now.

I've made this a few times, so these pictures will be a reenactment. Who does not love a great reenactment?

GB and I originally wanted to make this dish because it's meatless. We want to eat vegetarian meals once a week. This seems to be the only thing I can whip up quickly that's vegetarian.

All you need:

Whole Wheat Tortillas

Mushrooms, any kind, any size (About two large packages should be right)

Olive or Vegetable oil (whichever you prefer)

Spinach (a big large bag. If you buy it fresh, buy enough to fit in a big huge bag.)


Goat cheese (crumbled up)

You begin by chopping your mushrooms up. I chose white and portabello mushrooms.

(Why do recipes prefer to leave this step out? Not everyone has chopped vegetables and cooked chicken lying around. I think those people just want their recipe to seem quick and easy. Of course it only takes 15 minutes when you combine your ingredients that are already cooked!)

Not chopped.

Next with enough oil to coat a pan, cook the mushrooms.

While the mushrooms are cooking, I diced a small onion and threw them in with the mushrooms. Feel free to season how you'd like with salt, pepper, garlic powder, whatever. I think they have enough flavor to stand alone - but if you don't, season away.

Looking back, the onions take on a weird mushroom color, so I think I'll toss them in with the spinach next time.

Drain the mushroom oil and juices from the pan. Add more oil and toss in as much spinach can fit. As your spinach cooks down, toss more spinach in, until you've added it all.

On a baking sheet, place 4 whole wheat tortillas side by side. I can usually only fit 2 per sheet.  Load each tortilla with the cooked spinach.

Next load it up with the cooked mushrooms and onions.

Finally, the fun part, sprinkle the goat cheese atop the mushrooms. Every time I make this, I wish we had bought 2 containers of goat cheese. It never seems like enough. It usually is enough. I just love cheese too much.

Top it off with the other tortilla and place in your oven. I usually keep it pretty low, around 325 or 350 degrees.

After about 15 minutes your quesadillas will be brown and crispy.

Because I'm always so hungry when the food comes out of the oven, I always dive right in, which creates a mess.

The quesadillas should probably sit for about 5-10 minutes, other wise you will have a goofy mess when cutting into serving size pieces.  I realize my pictures aren't the most appetizing. Especially if you're one of those weirdos who hates mushrooms. But if you're like me and could eat them at every meal, this is very tasty! The goat cheese adds the perfect balance to the mushrooms and spinach.

Eat. Enjoy. Have seconds.

*Reasons for changes from The Pioneer Woman's recipe:
I skipped out on Fontina cheese because I have not worked with it, and I'm sometimes scared of new things. I'm sure I'll give it a whirl soon.

I skipped out butter and opted for extra virgin olive oil because I have love handles. I don't like them. Whenever I can skip out on butter, I do.

I chose to bake the quesadillas rather than press them in my George Forman panini/quesadilla wannabe Grill because I like the really crispy edges and don't want to add butter to the quesadillas to keep them from burning.

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