Monday, October 31, 2011

Organization is the key

So in order to embark upon this adventure of craftiness, I need to organize my tools and tricks. (Those mostly consist of paint brushes, a hot glue gun and some random string.) 
For my birthday, my lovely sister, Sly (or you can call her by her married name: Swat, but I like Sly better, more accurately descriptive),  gave me a cubby for crafts. I searched and searched for the company's website, but I'm either cyberweb illiterate or there isn't one. She bought the cubby at Micheals. 
GB was leaving our humble abode as I began putting said cubby together. 
GB:  “Either I’ll come home in 4 hours and it will be all put together, but it took you the whole 4 hours, or I’ll come home and it’s half put together because you gave up and want me to finish it.”
Let’s prove him wrong, girls. 
Contents of box (it literally weighed 40 lbs.)

Instructions. Wonderfully descriptive. (That was sarcasm.)

My assistant.

Seems like it won’t be too much of a task. The instructions say the assembly time is 15 minutes. Giddy up. 
(On a side note, there are 3 different sized screws, the smallest are quite cute. I like little nugget screws.)
Lots of screws. I was a little nervous. 

Mini-drills are fun!

Well, after I was about 1/2 way done, I realized things weren’t lining up accurately and had to take it all apart and re-do it.

These divider shelves weren't sliding in, and you can see at the top that  everything was misaligned.

Starting over. 

After I was almost finished, I realized it was STILL wrong and took it all apart AGAIN. Starting over is really frustrating. However, I had a great time playing with my mini-power drill. 

I ended up putting it together again even worse than before, I hammered the divider shelves in and that bottom shelf should not have that line down the center. 

On my third try I got it right! The instructions were terrible. Words as well as pictures were less than descriptive. In fact I’d call them downright minimal. However - no instructions can stop Smash! Good news- I finished in less than 4 hours. More good news - I did not give up and did not need a man to finish it for me. I proved GB wrong yet again. I win! 

My crafty cubby in all its glory. 

Actual finish time: 57 Minutes 
When GB arrived home I was relaxing on the couch, eating ice cream. He was proud of me and ate his words, I kept eating my ice cream. 
Time to fill with crafty things.